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Muhammad Abu Rizeq

In-flight Chef|ENF Fellow 

I have always dreamed of living a life full of action and beautiful experiences, and this is what my life has become today as an in-flight chef in one of the Arab world's leading airlines.

My dream of studying culinary arts was made possible by Elia Nuqul Foundation because they believed in my passion and capabilities. Although I faced some challenges in the beginning, I found out that one cannot learn without making mistakes.

My mistakes taught me perseverance, and I graduated first in my class at The Royal Academy for Culinary Arts. Our life and professional skills drive us to perform the best way possible in our jobs, and this is what sets ENF scholars apart from others entering the job market.

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Rana | Pharmacist | ENF Ambassador

Rana | Pharmacist | ENF Ambassador

I am a Branch Manager at one of Jordan’s most prominent pharmacies today, and I take pride in this achievement as I only graduated from university a few years ago. All that Elia Nuqul Foundation provided me with, whether training courses, self and professional 

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