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The Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) was established in 2008 by the Nuqul family as a sustainable philanthropic entity focusing on social development initiatives in the field of education benefitting individuals and local communities within the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees that is comprised of individuals with expertise from the private and civic sectors so they may guide the Foundation’s operational and technical activities in a strategic, sound and transparent manner, as well as ensure adherence to sound governance principles.   

The establishment of the Foundation was inspired by the vision and aspirations of Elia Nuqul, who has always believed in the importance of philanthropy.  Moreover, Elia Nuqul greatly values learning and the prospects it has to offer. He acknowledges the ambitions of individuals who grow up with few choices and opportunities afforded to them, but have aspirations and the motivation to improve their lives. Therefore the Foundation views education as a top priority, equipping its scholars with the skills, tools and knowledge to excel, enhance their employment opportunities and find the desired career path leading to a promising future and creating positive impact on their socio-economic well-being.

The Foundation has been a dream in the making, not only for Elia Nuqul, but for the entire family who shares in his passion and commitment for philanthropy.  Ultimately, this passion and commitment ensure the Foundation’s implementation of sustainable and impactful social initiatives that benefit disadvantaged individuals and communities.


To be a platform for cultivating a generation of young qualified Jordanian leaders full of hope, belonging and dignity; capable of driving progress, triggering paradigm change and overcoming socio-economic challenges.


To enable youth to complete their higher education or vocational training; hone their academic, life and technical skills; furthermore enhance their employability; pursue their future career aspirations; and play a proactive role in the development of their communities.

Guiding Principles

  • Driven by passion and commitment.
  • Commit to enable youth to help themselves. 
  • Strive to find innovative solutions to complex problems. 
  • Address causes of problems rather than symptoms.
  • Place great value on partnerships and collaboration within community.
  • Promote the active engagement of our partners – individuals, institutions and communities to ensure ‘ownership’ and sustainability.
  • Emphasize the value of diversity.
  • Provide opportunities, not charity.
  • Demostrate Integrity.
  • Enhance employability of our youth.
  • Effect change in the lives of individuals and communities.

Our Approach

The Foundation’s approach is based on three fundamental principles in the promotion of philanthropy – impact, partnerships and sustainability.

  • Impact
    ENF focuses its work on impact-oriented programs and adopts a holistic approach to programs and projects, focusing on achieving outcomes, implementing performance measurement, learning and changing, and reporting performance.
  • Partnerships
    ENF collaborates and partners with reputable organizations and institutions that have the capacity and expertise to carry out activities and implement programs that are in line with the Foundation’s vision, mission and objectives.
  • Sustainability
    In order to sustain and enhance the positive transformation realized through our programs, ENF believes that collaborating with stakeholders; particularly our beneficiaries and diverse supporters are key for the fulfillment of ENF mission and sustainability.


Our Board Members

The ENF Board of Trustees is comprised of a number of private and civic sector professionals with extensive expertise related to ENF’s streams of interventions. ENF’s voluntary board members are committed to overseeing and ensuring the Foundation’s objectives are met in a strategic, transparent and accountable manner. The ENF Board of Trustees consists of the following:

  • Ghassan Nuqul  - Chairperson
  • Randa Nuqul - Vice Chairperson
  • Tala Nuqul - Board member
  • Elia G. Nuqul - Board member
  • Kamel Almani - Board member
  • Ousama Ghannoum - Board member
  • Basma Kilani - Board member 
  • Abeer Qumsieh - Board member
  • Rula Salah – Board member


Endowment Fund

To ensure the long-term sustainability of ENF’s programs and activities, the Foundation has established an endowment fund to safeguard and support current and future activities of the Foundation.