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ENF Expands Partnership with Delta Insurance

ENF Expands Partnership with Delta Insurance

Amman, February 2018 – Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) has confirmed expanding its strategic partnership with Delta Insurance. Delta provides university scholarships covering tuition fees and monthly transportation expenses for the scholars selected by ENF within its recruiting systems and procedures. The Foundation provides all necessary training for scholars, enhancing their professional and personal skills and facilitating their entry into the job market.

The agreement was signed by ENF Director Ms. Randi Abdin, and Delta Insurance Deputy General Manager Mr. Rajai Noursi.

Both organizations have expressed their delight at the expansion of their partnership as both have their visions aligned regarding the importance of education and investing in deserving promising youth. Additionally, both would like to replicate the successes achieved under the previous agreement.

ENF Director Ms. Randi Abdin said that the reason ENF has made leaps in its achievements is through creating and expanding its strategic partnerships with institutions and companies that mutually share vision and philosophy of empowering young people.

ENF Scholar Ahmed praised Delta Insurance for the internship opportunity, he said "I would like to thank Delta Insurance management for giving me the chance to intern at their company, which made me practically experience the academic theories we learn about at the university.”

Mr. Rajai Noursi said that Delta Insurance Company considers the expansion of its partnership with ENF a great way to begin 2018. "The clear criteria that governs ENF’s work, and its keenness to provide ideal quality opportunities for the youth is what inspires our pride in this partnership. We are pleased that both of us share the same vision in quality education and how it contributes in building our nation.”