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ENF Welcomes Fourth Batch of Scholars

ENF Welcomes Fourth Batch of Scholars

ENF Welcomes Fourth Batch of Scholars

Amman, February 2017 – the Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) has welcomed its fourth batch of scholars for the academic year 2016 – 2017 in an orientation session, held on Saturday  February 11, 2017 at the ZINC Innovation Platform with the support of Better Business.

The session aimed to introduce new students to the Foundation, its programs, and activities. It was attended by the Chairman of the ENF Board, Mr. Ghassan Nuqul, along with a number of other board members, ENF staff, as well as graduates, and ENF supporters and partners.

The orientation session gave new scholars the chance to interact with ENF graduates and learn about their experiences. This type of interaction forms an integral part of the “Fellowship Network”, which is a key element in spreading the ENF mission.

ENF is committed to providing students with a range of activities, training programs and extracurricular activities aimed at honing their skills and giving them a competitive advantage upon joining the labor market, as well as finding opportunities that suit their qualifications.

Mr. Ghassan Nuqul noted that he was most proud of the transformation the scholars demonstrated by the time they graduated. Graduating scholars over the past three years have proven to be highly competent and self-confident. “Perhaps the best evidence of the effectiveness of our training is that 71% of ENF graduates find employment upon their graduation.”

Dr. Suhail Jouaneh, Founder and CEO of Better Business, expressed his pride in the new partnership with ENF, saying: "ENF’s mission of developing  university students is aligned with our own vision, as we strive to empower individuals to face the challenges of life head-on, as well as the challenges which the job market poses, thus enhancing their possibilities for success on both the individual and institutional levels.”

"I am very happy to join ENF and the Fellowship Network, which supports us in our academic, social and professional lives, as well as promotes experience sharing among old and new scholars who need the support at the outlet of their academic journeys," said Joanne Salloum, one of the new scholars.