Community Service & Social Entrepreneurship Programs - Interventions
Community Service & Social Entrepreneurship Programs

Community Service & Social Entrepreneurship Programs

  • Community Service Program
  • Social Entrepreneurship Program
  • Good citizenship and social solidarity are key developmental concepts that ENF seeks to ingrain in youth to inspire hope, encourage volunteer work, and broaden their horizons.

    To this end, ENF engages its scholars in carefully-chosen community service initiatives which improve, develop, and add value to society.

    The Community Service Program also highlights the importance of establishing sustainable partnerships with relevant organizations.

    Moreover, volunteering teaches youth to overcome various life difficulties and social challenges by developing their planning, problem solving, and teamwork skills. But perhaps most importantly, it cements positive behaviors and enhances the sense of belonging and self-confidence in youth, giving them a better today and a promising future on both the personal and professional fronts.


  • Globally, social entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly recognized sector that addresses societal needs through innovative community-based solutions. In Jordan however, the concept is in its early stages, and needs to be institutionalized to provide sound, up-to-date resources outlining best practices and enhancing innovation rather than re-inventing the wheel.

    Because ENF recognizes the importance of encouraging youth to think socially, it serves as an advocate in promoting the growth of a sound social entrepreneurship sector in Jordan.

    As advocates for social entrepreneurship, ENF will continue to encourage stakeholders in developing a thriving social entrepreneurship sector, while channeling opportunities to ENF scholars who are interested in transitioning from university life to becoming social entrepreneurs within their designated communities.