Elia Nuqul Fellowship Network - Interventions
Elia Nuqul Fellowship Network

Elia Nuqul Fellowship Network

  • Sharing Experiences: Sustaining the ENF Spirit
  • ENF endeavors to build generations capable of  leading and catalyzing positive change. Based on this goal, ENF established the ‘Elia Nuqul Foundation Fellowship Network’ which brings together ENF scholars and graduates. The Fellowship strives to support its members through the transfer of knowledge, and to increase the number of its beneficiaries through mentoring new students and graduates in order to enrich their creative thinking skills on the long run.

    Previous and current scholars connect, bond, and network through the ENF Fellowship Network, where fellows support each other by coaching and mentoring each other, as well as sharing experiences. Through the Fellowship’s interactive professional development and capacity building activities, ENF is creating a tight-knit society of successful individuals promoting a sense of duty and belonging towards the community, where giving back is the number-one priority.

    The Network also selects Ambassadors among its fellows to represent ENF at various social and professional occasions. Both fellows and ambassadors also design and deliver specialized training workshops for current ENF scholars in a bid to continue knowledge and experience sharing within the Foundation.