Donate Now!

As a self-sustaining non-profit, ENF is constantly on the lookout for funding opportunities that can help expand its outreach to more students. ENF fundraising initiatives are based on a winning formula that grants the benefit to all by expanding outreach, providing education and giving back to the community.

Our Fundraising initiatives:

1. "Sponsor a Young Jordanian Student" Initiative

Through this initiative, teh donating partner covers the tuition fees and stipends for sponsored scholars, while ENF covers the professional and personal Enhancement Programs. ENF partners represent various sectors,including construction, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, banking, and insurance among others.

2. "A Donation for Education" Initiative (دينارك يعلم)

Encouraging many to make a small contribution can make a big difference; a good number of Nuqul Group employees and other companies' employees opted to donate a fixed amount of their salaries each month to support ENF scholars and activities.