Elia Nuqul Foundation Celebrates 10 Years and Graduates a New Group of Students

Elia Nuqul Foundation Celebrates 10 Years and Graduates a New Group of Students

Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) celebrated the 10th anniversary of its inauguration as well as the graduation of a group of underprivileged university scholars sponsored by ENF. The ceremony was attended by a good number of the Foundation’s partners, sponsors, donors and supporters.

Ghassan Elia Nuqul, chairperson of ENF, said, “My father transformed his deprivation from education into a Promise Fulfilled. He became proactive and chose to establish a sustainable charitable project that aims to care for and nurture youth who are ambitious and have the desire to learn in order to improve their living conditions in spite of their difficult situations.”

During the ceremony, the evolvement of ENF was portrayed as well as the future vision. ENF sponsored 221 scholars since establishment. ENF is focused on increasing the number of sponsored scholars by reaching out to new partners and expanding partnership with current donors.

It is worth mentioning that 71% of ENF graduates secure jobs both in Jordan and abroad immediately after graduation.

At the ceremony, Zain Jordan Corporate Communications and Sustainability director; Tareq Bitar said that ENF has been a beacon of hope for many ambitious youngsters. He went on to add that ENF has helped in empowering ENF scholars preparing them with required skills enhancing their opportunities to get into the job market.

He confirmed Zain’s commitment to its partnership with ENF, saying, “Through this partnership, we aim to help serve the Foundation’s objectives by supporting those who seek a better education by providing them with scholarships,” an ideal that is directly in line with Zain’s corporate sustainability strategy, which highlights education.

Dr. Laith Ibrahim, an ENF graduate, said at the graduation, “If it weren’t for ENF, I would not be standing in front of you today as a doctor helping relieve people’s suffering. The Foundation was instrumental in helping me achieve my dream of becoming a doctor.”

Ibrahim also spoke of the ENF’s role in promoting a spirit of volunteerism within the ENF fellowship network by introducing its’ members to initiatives and projects that benefit their communities.  He went on to add that ENF has become a model for others to either partner with ENF or develop initiatives for empowering youth.