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What helped me on the road to success was this urge, which is omnipresent deep inside me, in my brain, in my body and has accompanied me throughout my career.

Elia C. Nuqul

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Scholarship Fund

Elia Nuqul Scholarship Fund

The Elia Nuqul Scholarship Fund aims to encourage the development of youth in Jordan through access to higher education at universities, community colleges or through vocational training. ENF believes that investing in education is an investment in our communities – a positive impact that will be realized long beyond graduation. In addition to covering tuition costs, scholarship recipients are provided with a living stipend. Moreover, ENF collaborates with partners to provide training programs that enhance scholars' personal and professional development, and employability.

Upon receiving scholarship funds from ENF, scholars are required to commit to community service activities so they may have more insight and understanding about community and social development issues. The objective of such an approach is to expose scholars to experiences that will enlighten them to become social contributors and mobilizers in their communities. The Foundation works with relevant organizations in ensuring scholars have access to community service opportunities.

Our Scholars

ENF solicits scholarship candidates based on an in-house recruitment process that is implemented in a transparent and efficient manner.

ENF scholars are selected by complying with eligibility requirements as outlined by ENF. The selection of the scholars is based not only on their scholarly abilities and financial need, but also on expressed interest to give back to their communities. ENF is a strong believer of the worldwide social concept ‘Pay it Forward’. ENF ‘Pays it Forward’ and encourages its scholars to apply this concept by taking simple steps towards their communities which eventually bring about the desired change.