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Nunc tristique tempus 2ectus.

What helped me on the road to success was this urge, which is omnipresent deep inside me, in my brain, in my body and has accompanied me throughout my career.

Elia C. Nuqul

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Enhancement Programs

Capacity Building and Training 


Youth do not always have opportunities for exposure to courses that assist in managing their personal finances, improving their interpersonal, soft and employability skills, and the cultivation of confidence to participate actively in their communities. Yet, these are crucial life skills that will greatly impact their future socio-economic well-being.

For this reason, ENF provides access to capacity building and training to help scholars in their transition into adulthood and the work force through a wide array of practical, hands-on training activities. Training components are developed in close collaboration with experienced entities to ensure topics address gaps and needs of youth related to personal development and employment.


Career Guidance and Promoting Internships


  • Career Guidance

    One of the major challenges facing Jordanian youth is selecting a career. Many youth are more often looking for a job that offers financial security, rather than a career path that can have both financial security and achievement as rewards on a long-term basis. Therefore ENF provides effective career guidance to its scholars and assists them in finding their career path addressing their personal needs. Moreover, ENF guides them in making educational, training and occupational choices to help manage their careers.                      


  • Promoting Internships

    Apart from support activities such as capacity building, career guidance and mentoring for scholars, ENF works on linking scholars to internships. ENF believes there is great value in their scholars completing internships so they gain a real-world experience, set themselves apart from others and get an “edge” when entering the labor market. Additionally, internships give them a chance to be exposed to actual professional working environments which offer education enrichment and access to training and learning experiences not readily available to students.

    In addition, ENF facilitates the scholars access to employment and helps them find jobs by creating awareness among scholars on best approaches towards job search and guiding them on how and where to look for employment and what opportunities are ahead.                   


Elia Nuqul Foundation Fellowship Network


Elia Nuqul Foundation Fellowship Network… Sustainable Efforts towards Enriching Constructive Thinking and Career Development among Youth.

Elia Nuqul Foundation (ENF) endeavors to build generations capable of sustainably leading and catalyzing positive change. Based on this goal, ENF established the ‘Elia Nuqul Foundation Fellowship Network’ which brings together ENF scholars and graduates. The Fellowship strives to support its members through the transfer of knowledge, and to increase the number of its beneficiaries through mentoring new students and graduates in order to enrich their creative thinking skills on the long run.

ENF has full confidence in its young Fellowship members, who have embraced ENF’s mission as part of their own identities and aspirations, especially its commitment to helping other youth. Through the Fellowship’s interactive professional development, career guidance and capacity building activities, ENF has created a core group of young men and women with high self-confidence, enhanced employability skills, and the ability to play constructive roles across various fields.


Academic Counseling


Transitioning from high school to university or college often presents students with a new set of challenges as they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment. Successfully adapting to their new situation requires a measure of maturity and flexibility, which is where ENF comes in. In order to instill in our scholars the confidence and ambition they need to take on life’s challenges, ENF provides academic counseling that gives scholars the right foundation to succeed academically and achieve their professional and personal goals.

Academic counseling sessions involve constructive and open dialogue between the scholars and ENF’s team of guidance specialists who help students enhance their planning, learning, time management and personal development skills. ENF's guidance counselors also assist scholars how to rationally face academic obstacles and other pressures.

Through counseling, scholars develop their academic, cultural, psychological and social skills by understanding how to benefit from ENF and the resources available at their academic institutes, as well as by learning the importance of asking questions in order to find the answers they need.

During the academic counseling sessions, counselors review the scholars’ progress; show them how to independently identify challenges and tackle them; and motivate them to persevere and strive for excellence. These sessions have proven to be highly successful in enabling scholars to unlock and tap into their inherent talents, strengthening their relationships with ENF's team members, who work hard to give these youth a more positive outlook on life and show them that with optimism, open-mindedness, commitment and hard work, they can face anything that comes their way.